General Goals of the Program

Psychology is a science that has as its central theme the study of behavior. Psychology involves studying about how we interact with one another and our environment. Psychology is practical; it is concerned with improving the quality of life. In order to achieve these ends psychologists work in a broad range of research and applied settings. The psychology major is designed to provide each student with a comprehensive overview of the major fields of psychology, the methods used in psychological research, and the applications of psychological knowledge. The major is also designed to assist the student in selecting elective courses which can form a concentration in an area of each student's interest. These specialty areas might include clinical, social, developmental/child, industrial/organizational, learning/cognitive and biological psychology. The major provides a basis for careers in a variety of psychology related occupations including mental health agencies, hospitals, teaching, business and public organizations. The major also prepares students for graduate training in fields such as clinical psychology; marriage and family therapy; teaching; social work; law; business management, and public administration.

Undergraduate Study in Psychology

Psychology is one of the most popular majors at CSUF. Once you have decided to major or minor in psychology be sure to see a Psychology Academic Advisor. https://psychology.fullerton.edu/advisement/