Psychology Advising

The Psychology Advisement Office is located on the 8th floor of the Humanities Building in H-830J.  

During your first semester taking courses in the department, and at any time during your undergraduate coursework, you may schedule an appointment to speak with the advisors. At these meetings, your advisor will conduct a preliminary evaluation and/or advise you of the psychology courses you need to complete for the major or minor.

It is highly encouraged that you make an appointment by following the link below. Also, be aware of registration windows as that is a high-volume time for the office, and the odds of getting an appointment before your registration date decrease dramatically if you wait. If you are a transfer student in need of quick advice, please see our "Quick Advisement Guide" down below.

advising office

To schedule an appointment regarding Psychology Courses; Graduate School in Psychology; Teaching Assistant in Psychology; Research Experience in Psychology & other Psychology Major/Minor Related Questions:


We can support students experiencing academic challenges (academic notice), need academic guidance, or would like to engage in academic planning. Specifically, we can advise on major requirements, general education requirements, graduation requirements, and grad check follow-up questions. 


Academic Advisor Masako Ura

Academic Advisor Alex Arebalo

VIRTUAL Walk-in Hours via Zoom for 10/6/23-12/8/23:

Mondays 2:30pm-4:00pm

Tuesdays 10:00am-11:00am

Wednesdays 1:00pm-3:00pm

Fridays 1:00pm-3:00pm

Please note, these sessions are for quick questions only, not for full advising.

Zoom Link:  

Meeting ID 896 1664 3825


In-person Walk-in hours:

Masako Ura: Mondays 11:00a-12:00p @H-830J 

Alex Arebalo: Thursdays 4pm- 5pm @H-112

For General Advising questions & Psychology Course Evaluations can be directed to:


For questions related to the PSYC 495 course (Field Placement in Psychology), please contact the Psychology Internship Coordinator Professor Mary Madracki at   

Students:   Please note the following guidelines if you are preparing to graduate..

- If you are unsure of your anticipated graduation date, please make an appointment to map out your last few semesters and get an idea of when you will complete your degree.

- If you do know the semester you will be graduating, apply for graduation in your student center and allow 24 hours for it to process. Please note, you do   not   have to pay the $115 gradution fee immediately. You have until your graduation term's specified deadline.

Students:   If you are looking to make a Grad Check appointment, please note the following guidelines:

-If you are unsure of your anticipated graduation date, first make a General Advising appointment to go over your TDA. Once you and the advisor have created a timeline, you may follow the steps below.
- If you know your anticipated graduation date, you may apply for graduation for the appropriate term (i.e fall, spring, summer). From there, you may make a Grad Check appointment with one of our faculty advisors. The system takes 24 hours to register your application, so do not make an appointment the same day as applying. You do not have the pay the $115 graduation fee until the deadline, but you may still complete your Grad Check with a faculty advisor.

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