Major Requirements

The psychology major consists of a minimum of 41 units. Nine of these units are lower division courses and the remaining 32 units must be upper division. To be counted toward the major, each course must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

Check the University Catalog for prerequisite requirements. Almost all courses below have prerequisites.

Lower Division Requirements (9 units)

PSYC 101 Introductory Psychology (3 units)
PSYC 201 Introduction to Statistics in Psychology (3 units)
PSYC 202 Research Methods in Psychology (3 units)

Upper Division Requirements (32 units)

PSYC 300 Intermediate Research Methods and Statistics (3 units)

PSYC 495 Field Placement in Psychology (3 units)

Two of the following experimental psychology lecture courses (6 units):
PSYC 302 Learning and Memory
PSYC 303 Sensation and Perception
PSYC 304 Comparative Animal Behavior
PSYC 305 Cognitive Psychology (Information Processing)
PSYC 306 Biopsychology

One of the experimental psychology laboratory courses (you must be concurrently enrolled in corresponding lecture course or have taken the lecture course previously) (2 units)
PSYC 302L Lab in Learning and Memory
PSYC 303L Lab in Sensation and Perception
PSYC 304L Lab in Comparative Animal Behavior
PSYC 305L Lab in Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 306L Lab in Biopsychology

Two of the following courses (6 units):
PSYC 331 Psychology of Personality
PSYC 341 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 351 Social Psychology
PSYC 361 Developmental Psychology

One of the following courses (3 units):
PSYC 311 Educational Psychology
PSYC 317 Legal Psychology
PSYC 362 Psychology of Aging
PSYC 391 Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Electives (9 units):

3 of 9 units must be a 400-level class, upper-division psychology.

TOTAL: 41 units

* Students with a catalog year prior to Fall 2013 are required to take Psych 461 and 6 units of electives. 



Catalog year before Fall 2020: Two psychology experimental courses (6 units; Psych 302-306) and one matching experimental lab (2 units; Psych 302L-306L)

Catalog year Fall 2020 and after: ENG 301 or 363

A C or better is required in all courses.


For more information, consult the undergraduate handbook and see a psychology advisor. Because some courses may be required for different types of graduate programs or professional certificates, it is a good idea to seek advice on choosing the best experimental courses and electives for you. Early advisement is especially important if you are planning on becoming a K-12 teacher.