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Other resources for finding Internship Sites include:


Find a Site: Locate a fieldwork site through the sources above or find a site on your own that has a psychological orientation (e.g., educational, clinical, managerial) that is similar to the sites other students have used. Call sites you are interested in at least 4-6 weeks before class begins in order to determine which site best meets your needs. Contact the site to schedule a mutually convenient phone or in-person interview. Remember to bring or send a copy of your CV / resume to the interview.

Before your interview:

  1. Visit your site's website so as to be well-informed for your phone or in-person interview, read about their mission and their clientele.
  2. Dialogue with students or others who have worked at the site to learn more about the site's mission and goals (e.g., peer mentors).
  3. Prepare your resume by accentuating your courses or past experience that may be relevant to the site's operation.


Examples of Theories Used at Internship Sites

  • Giving basic resources to clients (food, housing, clothes):  Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.
  • Motivating others with verbal praise or rewards (prizes, candies, stickers):  Operant Conditioning.
  • Helping clients associate a signal with appropriate behavior (You flick lights then client sits down):  Classical Conditioning.
  • Treating Clients with respect and high regard (accepting client for who they are):  Humanistic Theory.
  • Tutoring students with math, verbal skills (after or in-school programs):  Developmental Theory.
  • Attending to clients' developmental stages (asking adult day care residents to talk about their life, working with children's intellectual stages):  Cognitive Theory.
  • Organizing groups of people to talk about important issues in their lives (bullying, social skills, voting):  Social Psych Theory.
  • Controlling a classroom or sports event with disciplinary methods:  Educational Psych Theory
  • Organizing a group therapy session to change problematic cognitions or behavior:  Clinical Theory.


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>> Site Supervisor Approval Form PDF File Opens in new window - This form will be collected by your instructor during the first week of class.

>> CICE Worksheet for SupervisorsPDF File Opens in new window

If you have any questions, please contact your Psyc 495 Instructor or the Psychology Advisement Office at:
(657) 278-3102