Welcome to the Internship Site for the Department of Psychology at California State University, Fullerton.  We attempt to provide experiences with a wide variety of organizations that will enhance your career upon graduation.


Information and Instructions

In order to begin the internship process, you should meet the following prerequisites:

--the completion of three upper-level courses in psychology at CSUF

--a 2.0 GPA.

All sections of 495 entail class meetings and a 120 hour experience at a site that uses psychological theories or methods.  For example, acceptable internship sites might involve education, development, research, informal counseling, hospitals that service psychological clients, social services, clinics, business (industrial/organizational psychology) and community outreach programs.

All sections of 495 accommodate students who have a site with any type of psychological content (e.g. education, aging, research). Sites must utilize general, business or clinical psychology orientations. Clinical placements should not involve 1:1 therapy. Observation and group work is acceptable at group homes, psychiatric hospitals, and counseling sites. Sites must use psychological methods or theories to be viable.

Register for Psych 495 as soon as possible after your window opens because classes fill quickly. Four to six weeks before the 495 class begins contact an internship site and arrange for your placement. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL CLASS BEGINS TO FIND A SITE.

If you have any questions about this course, please contact your Psyc 495 Instructor, or the Psychology Advisement Office at: 657) 278-3102.