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Interested in Joining our lab? 

Dr. Garcia is always looking to train new research assistants. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer research assistant, there are a couple of options for you. 

Note: I am not accepting any undergraduate students to my research lab the Fall 2024-Spring 2025 Academic Year. Interested students can reach out to me in Summer 2025. 

1) If you are a current student or a student who already graduated , fill out the Volunteer Application here: Volunteer Application Link  

2) For CSUF Undergraduate Psychology Students: If you need a site for PSYC 495, Dr. Garcia can work with you to develop a research internship. Fill out the CICE Internship Form here: CSUF CICE Internship Link

3) For CSUF Undergraduate Students: You can complete a PSYC 499 (Independent Research) with Dr. Garcia and the units count towards your major or degree. Fill out the Volunteer application above and then fill out this form here: PSYC 499 Independent Research Form

4) For CSUF PSYC Graduate Students: You can complete a PSYC 599 (Independent Research with Dr. Garcia) and units count towards your degree. Fill out the Volunteer application above, then fill out the form here (MA or MS program): PSYC 599 Independent Research Form

  Maleeha Presenting at a Research Conference Lab Members at a Research Conference